Peter Andre Comes to Aberdeen

Last week can be considered as a memorable week. One of my all-time favourite celebrities came to Aberdeen. I headed down to the shopping centre where he was signing in the hope of meeting the gossip magazine star and in hope of getting his  was no surprise when I arrived there was an absolutely massive queue of women and children awaiting his arrival, all in anticipation of meeting Peter Andre in the flesh.

After almost an hour of queuing I could hear people begin to scream and chant his name. It was at this point the excitement started to really sink in. Pete was escorted through the crowd and greeted all his fans on his way to the perfume store where he was to sign.

After almost three hours of queuing it was my turn to go into the shop and meet Peter Andre. I have met a lot of celebrities in my time of autograph collecting but I have only met a few that I truly admire. So when I met Peter I was truly star struck! It was obvious that Peter was pushed for time as there were so many fans that wanted to meet him; however, he seemed very relaxed and signed photographs and even signed albums whilst chatting away. It was very refreshing to discover that somebody I have a lot of admiration for was a genuinely kind person.

I like to take advantages of the times when celebrities visit my home town as it is an easy and more convenient way of collecting memorabilia than travelling long distances to award ceremonies and other events. Furthermore, it is a good opportunity to broaden my collection of autographs for sale.
Not only have I been given the opportunity to meet Peter Andre but I have been able to obtain signed memorabilia to add to my ever growing collection of famous autographs.

If you are a collector of movie memorabilia, whether it be signed movie posters the occasional actor autograph or Frank Sinatra memorabilia, star trek autographs and star wars memorabilia, Attending award shows are a wide scope of celebrities enabling me to gain access to a range of famous celebrity autographs. So this will be a good opportunity to collect Star Trek memorabilia, such as signed Star Trek posters, autographed Star Trek merchandise and signed Star Trek collectables. I am keen to collect Star Wars memorabilia, signed Star Wars merchandise and Star Wars collectables as it is particularly popular form of movie memorabilia, attracting a wide range of attention from all parts of the world.

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